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              The Corporate purposes: mind the world dare to vie

              Service concept: If I were a client ...

              Management concepts: talent, quality Liye

              Business philosophy: customer, all customers gain the greatest benefits is the ultimate pursuit of the interests of customers

              The Services: Southern Star mechanical services system is to build an important part of enterprise security source. Any one installed the user can not be divorced from service independently. The security source brick to provide timely, thoughtful, perfect service and technical support to ensure the normal operation of the brick production line system. In fact, we will provide you service content is divided into three parts, namely: pre-sale and after-sale, when in contact with you, our services and quality control system in operation, these performance :

              1, to provide quality products: Southern Star machinery products quality control system ensures the product to provide you with high quality, secure, high-quality mechanical products. In this regard, we guarantee that the factory's machinery products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant national standards and testing, the unqualified products factory never. Allotted a certificate of inspection and manual with the device to ensure the proper use of the mechanical products of the Southern Star.

              2 production plant construction planning programs: the purchase of a high-quality equipment, does not mean you will have the perfect function and reliable use. Mechanical production line as a complete control system, installed during the construction, layout, debugging meet the safety standard requirements, conditions and on-site power supply adapter, and the conditions of the site infrastructure coordination, coherence. During the equipment working towards, the Southern Star Mechanical Engineering staff will work with you in close coordination will design for you based on your plant conditions and requirements of plant planning and construction programs in the implementation process in a timely manner to assist and ensure that you have installed conditions.

              3, equipment installation and commissioning services: Southern Star's technical staff responsible for on-site guidance equipment installation work, commitment to the boot debugging.

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